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Finding and living a life of purpose doesn't have to be as mysterious as it sounds. The key to living a truly purpose-full life is intentionality. Get the clarity you need to map it all out and get the ball rolling.
Nehemiah was a man of purpose and vision whose passion led him to take on one of this biggest projects recorded in the Bible.
Following his example, you'll draft your action plan.
Your Why
Your why is the fuel that ignites your potential to impact the world.
Gaining Favor With Kings
Win over those in position to open doors for you.
The Power of a Purpose-Full Plan
Pursue your purpose with the same intentionality with which God created you for it.
Onboarding the Onlookers
Get people off the bench and into the game.
Activating Effective Systems and Strategies
Your how is the method best able to achieve your desired impact.